More Metamodels to Come

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Published: Tuesday, 29 December 2015 14:11
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This site is primarily about metametalanguages and metametamodels. They are used to create metalanguages and metamodels. The Case Studies part of the website provides examples of metamodels that have been created using the metametamodelling approach discussed here. The first metamodel that will be created is PSL-lite.

That will be followed by the regeneration of the PSL part of PSL/PSA, alonmg with some reporting similar to what was available in the original PSA part of PSL/PSA. Sponsors of that project are being sought to take part in the specification of a PSL/PSA replacement. Sponsors will have full access to the developed new PSL/PSA in addition to opportunities to participate in a sponsor program for contributing ideas, testing prototypes, and attending conferences.