Meta**languages and Models

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Published: Wednesday, 04 January 2012 04:27
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If you are interested in languages and models with one or more 'meta's in front, you have come to the right place. This site will help people new to the topic to gain a basic understanding, and for those who want an in-depth understanding, there are articles to provide that also. You are encouraged to register at the site.

On completion of the registration process you will be able to add your own comments, articles, and materials to participate in the site. Some material will only be available to registered members. Registered members will also be able to receive news as soon as it is available.

The foundation of this website is a widely used and recognized hierarchy of language or model 'layers'. Most literature about this uses a 4-layer model - this site uses 5 layers. Rationale for that is in various articles. The website logo is a pyramid rather than a hierarchy of boxes. This is in recognition that normally, the number of 'things' in each layer increases when moving down the layers.

The basis for the approaches presented in this website is substantial thought, research, and practice over many years. It is offered in part as a contribution to solve some of the incompleteness and weakneeses in some other approaches. Debate is very welcome, and hopefully we can build on the extensive philosophy and research that has preceded this work.

As at December 2015 this website is being rebuilt following a serious hack by criminals who have nothing better to do with their lives than damage the work of others and use websites to pursue their own criminal activities.