Meta Meta Languages and Models

Meta Languages to define Languages and Meta Models to create Models

Meta, Metameta, and Metametameta Languages and Models

The Subject is part of the real world to be described by a Language or modelled by a model.

Meta, Metameta, and Metametameta Languages and Models

The Language or Model is an abstract representation of the real world.

Meta, Metameta, and Metametameta Languages and Models

The Meta Language or Meta Model is used to create languages or models.

Meta, Metameta, and Metametameta Languages and Models

The Metameta Language or Metameta Model is used to create meta languages or meta models.

Meta, Metameta, and Metametameta Languages and Models

The Metameta Language or Metameta Model is used to create meta languages or meta models.



About Meta Meta Modelling

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A range of services is available for organizations and projects that want metametamodelling results. Use the contact page to get in touch and make enquiries. The Case Studies present a sample of real examples of metametamodelling at work.

Create a Metamodel for your Organization or Project?

Many organizations and projects would like to have their own customized metamodel that can be used to create and analyze their processes, programs, problems, requirements, solutions - anything that can be modelled.

Every organization has its own 'culture' using vocabulary, often is a specific or idiosyncratic way. You can model the way you want to model, or your organization can be moulded to a particular modelling technique - most organizations prefer their own solution.

The metamodels developed by this service use well structured and limited subsets of natural language. This has the advantage that models can be understood by almost all stakeholders. Equations and formal notations are avoided. So often, it is necessary for stakeholders to learn some modelling notation before being able to understand what the models developed with other techniques, actually mean; we avoid that completely.

This service is supported by the metametamodelling tool metaPSL® which generates the metamodel required by the organization.


Clients who have developed a metamodel are likely to want specific reports from the models developed, according to the requirements of the organization. This involves a combination of requirements gathering for the required reports, and tool customization to automate the necessary report generation and presentation.


Consulting is available for all aspects of metametamodelling and metamodelling. Use the contact facilities in the left menu to make enquiries.


There is a range of standard training that can be delivered, either in its usual form, or customized to client needs. Typical courses include:

  • Metametamodelling Overview (1 day)
  • Metametamodelling and Meta Modelling Principles (3 days)
  • Creating a Metameta Model (3-5 days - depending on practical content)
  • Defining Completeness and Consistency Standards (3 days)

Variation in the time needed for these courses, except the Overview, is primarily determined by the extent to which the commissioning organization would like the courses to be applied specifically to the organization context.

Case Studies

Case Studies of Metametamodelling will be added. The initial plan is to add case studies of:

  • PSL/PSA - Prolem Statement Language/Problem Statement Analyzer
  • PSLlite - a lighter version of PSL/PSA
  • BSP - Business Systems Planning
  • ERA modelling
  • Information Architecture
  • Competence Modelling

These are all cases of using a metametamodelling tool to develop a metalanguage that can be used to model target systems.


Origins of Meta Concepts applied to Languages and Models

What are the origins of the concepts discussed here? The menu on the left will take you to discussions of several other approaches using concepts such as meta models and meta meta models.

Meta Meta Modelling in the Literature

There is a range of sources of ideas and thinking about metameta etc., languages and metameta etc., models. This part of the website presents a range of articles as ideas and thoughts are encountered, and an article can be added.

More Metamodels to Come

This site is primarily about metametalanguages and metametamodels. They are used to create metalanguages and metamodels. The Case Studies part of the website provides examples of metamodels that have been created using the metametamodelling approach discussed here. The first metamodel that will be created is PSL-lite.

That will be followed by the regeneration of the PSL part of PSL/PSA, alonmg with some reporting similar to what was available in the original PSA part of PSL/PSA. Sponsors of that project are being sought to take part in the specification of a PSL/PSA replacement. Sponsors will have full access to the developed new PSL/PSA in addition to opportunities to participate in a sponsor program for contributing ideas, testing prototypes, and attending conferences.